Angie Kaminky

Managing Director, Platforms and Partnerships

Angie is a Managing Director, Platforms and Partnerships at Clermont Partners, LLC and is based in Chicago. Angie works closely to develop our ESG Infinite product as well as working with senior leaders across the team to find and develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Previously at Clermont, Angie worked closely with client teams to execute successful investor relations programs by managing accounts and developing client deliverables.

Angie has experience working with clients to improve ESG communications and materials, conducting investor perception studies, drafting Investor Day materials and supporting clients through M&A transactions and quarterly earnings.

Prior to joining Clermont Partners, Angie co-founded Commodore Intelligence, a platform for market intelligence, investor profiles and insights into accessing U.S. investment in European equities. At Commodore, Angie focused on analyzing investment styles and processes of firms, managing progress of data and product creation, and collaborating on the digital design of the company’s branding. She also assumed the role of Chief of Staff to the CEO. Previous roles have included sales, marketing and research internships in the real estate and software industries.

Angie has worked at early and later stage startups and contributed towards the development of each company. She is a graduate from Texas Christian University where she studied Entrepreneurial Management and Finance.

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