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Your story starts with a clean slate and unlimited potential to drive value.

As independent counselors, we don’t allow competing interests to affect our ability to get your story right and tell it your way. We help you better target the right investors for all your financial communications and engage them at a deeper level through every phase of your growth journey, ultimately optimizing your shareholder base and maximizing the value of your stock long term.

Every word is based on extensive research.

Customizing your unique investor narrative begins with extensive insight into who your investors are and what motivates their financial decisions. Our relentless focus on research allows us to craft messaging around your company’s strategy, performance, and transformational events that will resonate more soundly with both existing and potential investors and more effectively drive the outcomes you want.

ESG Communications

Better understand your ESG ratings, what they mean to investors, and how to effectively build ESG messaging into your investor relations plan.

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Proxy Advisory

Improve ESG proxy disclosures to elevate your shareholder communication strategy.


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IR Consulting

Tell a better story to the right set of investors with a research-based plan designed to improve valuation over the long term.

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Investor Day

Engage current and potential investors and clearly communicate company initiatives, progress, and financials via a well-planned, well-executed event.

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M&A Communications

Drive investor confidence with a holistic approach that engages stakeholders before, during, and after an announcement.

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Shareholder Activism Defense

Understand your vulnerabilities and be better prepared to defend against potential activist engagement.

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Perception Study

Gather the insights you need to best communicate your company’s narrative, strategies, progress, and financial matters.

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Financial PR

Gain the attention of U.S. investors by effectively positioning your stock with the financial reporting community.

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Greater value is all part of the plan.

We take the long view when it comes to financial communications. By basing all of your communications on a strategic investor relations plan and engaging the right stakeholders before, during, and after an event or change, Clermont Partners optimizes the impact of your story and turns every word into more worth for your business.

Whether we’re helping you target the right investors with a better story or assisting with messaging a specific transaction, building your defense against activism, or integrating ESG messaging into your investor relations plan, you can depend on senior-level counsel from partners who exclusively serve your best interest at every step.

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