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Tell a better story to a better audience.

The more quickly and effectively you can engage prequalified investors who are aligned with your investment thesis, the more change you can effect in terms of your company’s valuation. Clermont Partners helps you sharpen your investment narrative and deliver it to the right investors through the best channels. Our investor relations consulting services help you establish the ideal shareholder base to optimize equity valuation. 

You have one chance to get your value creation story right.

When your organization’s story changes—because of a new acquisition, strategy, or leadership team, and/or due to a disruptive industry or global event—it’s paramount to communicate quickly and clearly to engage the right investors. You don’t have words or time to waste. A compelling, targeted narrative that crystalizes your company’s investment thesis is a must to attract investors willing and able to buy the stock.  

Make the most of every strategic communications opportunity.

Clermont Partners works closely with executives and IROs to craft a powerful investment narrative and deliver customized, immediately actionable communication recommendations. Every effort receives the full attention of our senior counsel, as well as our in-house research team. We combine decades of capital market and investor relations consulting expertise with a relentless focus on understanding current investor motivations and historic trading behaviors in order to:  

  • Identify investors who will be most receptive to your story
  • Develop the positioning and messaging that will resonate with those investors  
  • Communicate through the right channels to optimize investor engagement  

We implement an investor relations plan that’s customized to your specific growth, profitability, and capital allocation strategy. We design the investor relations strategy to help you respond quickly to changes in the highly dynamic investment landscape. By staying on top of investor sentiment and emerging industry trends, Clermont Partners’ IR consulting team ensures you are always prepared to respond to your investors and your board while at the same time building and maintaining confidence in your company’s growth and value creation plans long term.  

Strategic Investor Relations Areas of Expertise  
  • Investor Narrative Development  
  • Perception Studies  
  • Shareholder Base Analysis  
  • Investor Days
  • Transaction Communications  
  • Shareholder Activism Defense 
  • ESG Integration  

Drive valuation with every word.

The right strategic investor relations plan will optimize your shareholder base and your equity valuation. By delivering a better story to the right investors and focusing on immediately actionable recommendations, Clermont Partners helps you achieve a higher ROI with less time and effort. Through our wide-ranging investor communications services, we position you to drive your stock price in the right direction while meeting the ongoing needs of your board and investor base.  

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“I am impressed with the level of knowledge the Clermont team has about its clients. We don’t generally participate in perception studies because the interviewer doesn’t often know very much.”