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Shareholder Activism Defense Defend your business with a better offense.

Understanding and proactively addressing vulnerabilities is the best way to build shareholder confidence and deter activist engagement with your stock. At the same time, an “offensive” approach prepares you to immediately launch a formidable defense and quickly neutralize the opposition’s arguments should the need arise. We help you activist-proof your stock through strategic communications and proactive investor engagement, before and after an activist is in the stock. When you leverage our shareholder activism defense strategies, you are prepared for almost any scenario.

Nothing keeps executives awake at night more than the threat of activism.

An activist entering your stock can change the trajectory of the company you have worked diligently to grow, not to mention the course of your career. Remember that activists prey on vulnerabilities. Keeping them at bay requires an honest assessment of potential issues along with a fact-based plan for addressing areas of concern through strategic communications with shareholders and the media.

How can activist shareholding make a difference?

Shareholder activism takes various forms. The ultimate goal typically is to boost the stock price or influence the company’s strategy or behavior. To get to that goal, activists often try to rally fellow stakeholders, seek media attention, or create a negative spin about the management team to support a point that opposes the company view. Even minority shareholders can create enough chaos to impact the stock price or the way a company operates. That makes having a shareholder activism defense plan critical.

By creating effective plans to combat activist investing strategies, our experienced, senior-led team can work with you to prevent potential trouble by arming you with the insight and tools required to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Stay ahead of the risk.

We specialize in helping your business identify vulnerabilities that could attract activist interest. We do the legwork and in-depth research to understand investor sentiment and shareholder concerns to anticipate the opposition’s stance. As a result, we proactively craft and send the right messages to maintain investor confidence, even during potentially volatile situations.

Our senior counselors work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to stay ahead of activist strategies and communicate strategically and convincingly with your shareholders. Implementing a shareholder activism defense plan leaves nothing to chance. With a process in place to fend off activist investing strategies, your company can continue to grow and flourish – absent the threat of shareholders negatively impacting your mission.

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Protect your stock and valuation over the long-term.

With our committed, independent focus on your organization’s best interests, you will be well-prepared to maintain investor engagement and sustain confidence in your executive team and strategy. Across our history, we have helped every client we have served achieve positive outcomes in these challenging situations. See how we can help you proactively plan for and more effectively communicate the right investor narrative to protect your business.

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