Engage the financial press.

If investors don’t know or have misconceptions about your investment narrative, getting their attention can be tricky. Working with established and respected financial reporters can help. At Clermont Partners, we have the ear of the U.S. financial reporting community and deep relationships with the financial media. We can help you access the right media channels to connect with the investors you need to reach.  

The financial media has a real impact on investors’ understanding of your corporate story.

Unique investment opportunities often go unrealized because investors just don’t know about them. Or because they only know part of the story. This can happen when a company is based outside of the United States, when investor relations have not been as consistent or strategic as they should or when the story has been misinterpreted and misstated by another party. Whatever the reason, both the stock and its potential buyers will miss out if the right story fails to get the attention it deserves.   

Build visibility through the right media channels.

Clermont Partners has invested decades in establishing relationships with the most respected and influential U.S. financial reporters. We leverage these relationships to help unknown or misrepresented companies get their stories told right. Unlike traditional public relations firms, our senior counselors have the deep capital markets expertise to pinpoint the nuances around your investment story and effectively communicate the value of your opportunity to the financial press, and ultimately, the investors you want to reach.  

Leverage media to connect with investors who can drive your success.

Establishing the credibility of your opportunity with the right stakeholders ultimately paves the way to high valuation for your organization as well as your investor’s long-term success. By taking advantage of Clermont Partners’ expertise and existing media relationships, you can make sur your story is clearly and prominently publicized, make better connection with investors, and ultimately achieve your growth goals faster.

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“Clermont Partners positioned the management team to do a great job communicating their long-term growth roadmap at Analyst Day. I had not heard that before.”