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M&A Communications Engage investors before, during, and after a critical transaction.

The ultimate objective behind acquiring or merging with another firm or divesting part of a business is to advance your strategy forward to ultimately drive valuation. Achieving this goal requires effective messaging and engagement of current and potential stockholders well before and after a deal is made. At Clermont Partners, part of Riveron, we help you take a long-term view to M&A communications and build investor confidence in your strategic business decisions.

Even the most strategic business transactions cannot succeed without investor buy-in.

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and spinoffs are only genius business moves if investors say they are. Effectively communicating your rationale and your plan to increase long-term shareholder value in a way that engages investors and builds their confidence requires much more than day-of expertise. After all, M&A communications are the backbone of your success pertaining to investor buy – in.

Our team provides the expertise necessary to effectively communicate the rationale for a merger or acquisition. Our specialized services in strategic investor relations, as well as our transaction experience, make us the ideal partner as you consider or follow through on these moves. Most important, our M&A strategy consulting acumen will provide you with confidence that your company is making the right decision.

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Plan for the flawless execution of your announcement.

At Clermont Partners, we help businesses take a holistic approach to merger and acquisition communications that starts well before a deal is ever announced. We start by researching investor sentiment and anticipating concerns. We build this insight into your transaction messaging strategy, while also mapping out how the transaction fits into your long-term growth plan and aligns with your overall investment narrative. We carefully message the transaction to address stakeholders’ needs and clearly articulate the deal’s expected value creation over the long term. On announcement day, you will be well prepared to engage your investors and garner their support.

Post-announcement, we work with you to successfully address all the aftermath communications required quarter by quarter, such as setting milestones around longer-term integration. As a part of our M&A advisory services, we continue to build and tell the story of how the transaction fits into your growth plans and how it is delivering value for your shareholders.

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Build long-term support that drives value.

Of course, any deal will result in some level of shareholder turnover. While our messaging strategy minimizes this, we also help you create a plan for engaging new investors who will be attracted to the deal. By optimizing your shareholder base and ensuring it is aligned with your ongoing growth plans, we position you to maximize valuation long term.

With mergers and acquisitions advisory services from Clermont Partners, you remain in control over the narrative about these decisions. Through the years, we have provided insight that’s based on extensive research by experts in M&A strategy consulting. This comprehensive legwork enables us to determine what your investors need to know about your strategy. Our mission as an advisory firm is to implement the very best investor relations strategy for your company’s long-term growth and success.

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