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ESG Communications Industry Expertise to Boost Your ESG Strategy and Create Investment Grade ESG Communications.

The ability to effectively communicate your company’s ESG data and initiatives is becoming the gold standard in a highly competitive global investment community. At Clermont Partners, part of Riveron, we believe that ESG reporting should be integrated into mainstream financial reporting as part of any well-rounded investor communications program. Our Elevate ESG program helps organizations capitalize on the full value of their ESG efforts.

Our Elevate ESG program has three primary components: 1) Optimize the understanding and awareness of your company’s ESG strengths among investors who use ESG integration, 2) Ensure accurate scores from top-rated ESG rating agencies, including MSCI, Sustainalytics, and ISS, 3) Align and report with the most appropriate ESG frameworks and standards.

Our Team Has the Environmental, Social, and Governance Consulting Expertise to Help Elevate Your Company’s ESG Strategy and Enhance Your Stock Valuation.

Gap Analysis/Peer Benchmarking

Our firm performs a diagnostic deep dive into your company’s entire ESG program and its history to assess risk. From there we use materiality guidelines, industry-grade gap analytics, and peer benchmarking to collate, align, and re-map your metrics to help your firm put its best foot forward in a highly competitive marketplace.

Stakeholder Engagement Assessments

Our firm performs a diagnostic deep dive into your company’s shareholder base, their respective voting policies, and historical voting data on key proxy voting issues. We help analyze and mitigate low support levels for any proxy statement ballot items that investors have voiced dissatisfaction. We assess your company’s current shareholder engagement plan, and build a strategic annual investor engagement program, including investor analysis, targeting, policy analysis, management and board preparation, and proxy statement disclosure.

Policy Creation and Refinement

We draft and refine ESG policies and performance disclosure based on each client’s current ESG MSCI, Sustainalytics, and ISS scores, as well as SASB guidelines. We start by reviewing the company’s current disclosures, policies, and operations. Then, we conduct a gap analysis based on each rating agency and compare against peer disclosures. Finally, we draft ESG policies for all key categories informed by SASB, TCFD, MSCI, Sustainalytics, and/or ISS-based on the client’s objectives. We deliver this content in draft policy documents, integrated reports, sustainability reports, SASB reports, or website disclosures.

Ratings Agency/Sustainability Frameworks Data Review & Enhancement

We review each client’s entire ESG rating and questionnaire history to ensure compliance accuracy to better optimize your company’s ESG positioning in the marketplace.  Our solutions include: monitoring of suggested improvements in ESG communications, public policies, and procedures to raise awareness of your firm’s new sustainability initiatives.

ESG Website and Materials Creation

Using up-to-date ESG and thought leadership data, we expertly advise your company on how to best draft sustainability reporting on your website, investor collateral, and other compliance documentation. Working with design partners, we have generated award-winning corporate sustainability messaging and communications for many of our clients – call positive attention to your ESG program and influencing stakeholders on your company’s commitment to it. This proactive approach can mitigate the risk of potential ESG shareholder activism activity before it even gets started.

Corporate Sustainability Reports
  • Traditional or online
  • Use of visuals
  • Content that can be repackaged in shorter form
  • Speaks to topics that are material and address ratings and framework
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ESG/Compliance Officer Annual Roadshows

We effectively engage with ESG – friendly investors, top influencers, and thought leaders to analyze your company’s sustainability strengths and risks, and to determine how your current ESG strategies and actions might impact proxy season results.

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ESG Forward Institutional Targeting

At Clermont Partners, we identify, pre-qualify, and help management engage with mutual funds within large investment families (that may already own your stock, but whose ESG funds do not) or connect with ESG-dedicated funds that are interested in aligning companies with your company’s positive ESG story. This type of institutional targeting can help broaden overall demand for your company’s stock and help diversify its current investor base.

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