5 ESG Facts that CFOs Should Know

IR Consulting

Want to think outside the box to grow the bottom line? Then now’s the time to talk ESG. While many CFOs may be tempted to place ESG on the backburner – especially during an economic downturn – that turns away...

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Giving the Earnings Call a Makeover

Financial PR

At the recent National Investor Relations Institute Annual Conference, Clermont Partners sat down with a panel of experts to discuss the evolution and best practices behind the infamous earnings conference call.  The panel consisted of Christopher Lee, Managing Director of...

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You've Completed a Materiality Assessment - Now What?

ESG Communication

Materiality assessments are a critical component of a robust ESG program, as they allow companies to justify their initiatives and efforts. Whether your company is conducting an inaugural materiality assessment or has completed a customized materiality assessment, you may be...

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