The Expertise Every Team Needs for Investor-Grade Climate Reporting

November 16, 2022

The SEC is taking a closer look at corporate sustainability reports, and, even though the disclosures in these communications are voluntary, investors use them to make decisions. That means the SEC is interested in what they have to say—and each CFO should be, too.  

With the SEC’s new climate risk disclosure rule on the horizon, the reporting of certain information included in these sustainability reports will no longer be voluntary for public companies. Companies will need to start publicly reporting scope 1, scope 2, and potentially scope 3 emissions. They will need to identify and contextualize both physical and transitional climate risks. And they will need to include all this information in regulatory filings. Company CFOs must be able to confidently attest to the fact that the information is indeed investor-grade.  

For the steps companies can take to achieve investor-grade climate reporting, continue reading here.

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