Demystifying the ESG Ratings Game

February 26, 2019

To learn more about the most important issues in ESG today, where companies go wrong in addressing problems in ratings reports and emerging areas that will be ESG hot topics in the coming years, please join us for a lively discussion on Thursday, March 14th at the Toasted Oak Grill & Market conveniently located in the Baronette Renaissance Hotel in Novi next to Twelve Oaks Mall.

If you’re just getting into the ESG game, you are likely drinking from the fire hose trying to understand the various rating reports can be overwhelming. We know there is a lot of information to digest in these reports. Taking them piece by piece will help you understand what you’re doing well, which areas could use improvements, what deserves more resource allocation, and what you need to start communicating more clearly to address gaps in information and ensure scores that most accurately reflect your efforts.

Our discussion will include representatives from the leading rating agencies, moderated by Victoria Sivrais of Clermont Partners.


  • Eric Fernald, Sustainalytics’ Director of Issuer Relations
  • Cristina Banahan Ferrer, Sustainability Advisor at ISS

Event Details:

Event Details:

Date:    March 14, 2019

Where: Toasted Oak Grill & Market              

            27790 Novi Road            

            Novi, MI 48377

Time:    7:30 am Breakfast              

            8:00 am Discussion

Questions?  Contact Rhonda Munoz at

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