2022 Materiality Checklist for Retailers: 4 Topics to Focus on First

Written By Elizabeth Saunders, Partner

April 21, 2022

ESG has never been more important to retailers than it is today. With the SEC handing out mandates, investors asking more questions about more topics, and consumers and employees wanting to know everything there is to know about a company’s sustainability practices, small- and mid-cap retailers are feeling the pressure to address all the E and S topics, all at once. With limited resources and a lot of ground to cover in short order, CEOs and CFOs need a plan to efficiently respond to the most critical issues.

To help retail leaders understand where to focus first, Clermont Partners identified the common denominators stemming from the bevy of inquiries and demands coming from various stakeholders. We considered our most recent retail industry materiality studies, the comprehensive 2018 RILA materiality study, and the public Environmental and Social Stewardship statements from the 10 largest investors in the small- and mid-cap retail space. Here’s what emerged as the short-list of E&S topics that are most important to investors now:

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