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Build a financial narrative that is right for you.

At Clermont Partners, we excel at helping companies improve their strategic investor relations programs by taking advantage of every communications opportunity that impacts equity valuation. As a 100% woman-owned advisory firm specializing in investor relations, ESG communications and strategy, transaction communications, and shareholder activism, we provide counsel to C-level executives and Boards of Directors.

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As a strategic investor relations and ESG consulting firm, Clermont Partners provides senior-led, research-focused counsel to help ensure best-in-class results customized for your unique needs. Our services include:

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“You Can’t Put a Price on a Handshake” - 5 Creative Ways to Bring Sell-siders and Buy-siders Together Face to Face

Over the past few years, we’ve all gotten used to (and, in many cases, tired of) virtual investor events, conferences, and roadshows. There’s no question that the format offers advantages, with convenience and cost-savings top of the list. But as...

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Why and How to Invest in an Investor Day for Maximum ROI

For many publicly-traded companies, hosting an Investor Day is a key opportunity to engage with investors, share updates on the state of the business, and create a compelling story that provides a fresh perspective on the company’s long-term outlook. But...

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Framing It Up: Everything You Need to Know About ESG Framework Adoption Trends in 2022 and Beyond

When it comes to voluntary ESG disclosures, 2022 was a record year. Companies across the S&P 400, 500, and 600 stepped up transparency and reporting by publishing corporate sustainability reports (CSRs) in droves and taking the often resource-intensive steps to...

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5 Expert Tips for an ESG Report That Speaks Every Stakeholder’s Language

If you are an ESG report owner who is starting to plan for your 2022 report, rest assured that you’re not alone if you feel a bit anxious about the project ahead. After all, there’s a lot riding on the...

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Tell your story in a way that maximizes investor engagement and drives equity valuation.

Investor relations is the art and science of engaging investors and building confidence through compelling narratives that make your story instantly relatable. Making investor relations a key component of your overall growth and long-term strategy can pave the way to the higher equity valuation your business deserves.

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ESG Consulting

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Companies that demonstrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting savvy have a clear advantage as they engage with the Street. Clermont Partners can help you take a proactive approach to telling your ESG story to portfolio managers who are eager to hear it.

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Clermont Partners, part of Riveron, is a trusted IR and ESG consulting firm. If your company is looking to improve your investor communications and drive equity valuation in the right direction, reach out to our team today.

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