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At Clermont Partners, we excel at helping companies improve their strategic investor relations programs by taking advantage of every communications opportunity that impacts equity valuation. As a 100% woman-owned advisory firm specializing in investor relations, ESG communications and strategy, transaction communications, and shareholder activism, we provide counsel to C-level executives and Boards of Directors.

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As a strategic investor relations and ESG consulting firm, Clermont Partners provides senior-led, research-focused counsel to help ensure best-in-class results customized for your unique needs. Our services include:

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Navigating a Minefield: Difficulties in Today’s Environment and How CFOs Can Avoid Danger

Between international conflict, energy shortages, inflation, interest rate hikes, and volatile commodity prices, business leaders (especially CFOs) are trying to keep up with a whirlwind of variables impacting market conditions. To help, we’ve summarized the key factors impacting today’s macro...

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The Trillion-Dollar Problem No Company Can Afford to Ignore: Why CFOs Must Take Their Spots on the Front Lines of Climate Risk Assessment

Risk management is nothing new to CFOs. As stewards of the Company’s financial health, these executives have long been responsible for managing, assessing, and mitigating different types of risk—including financial, operational, and geo-political threats—and for using risk analytics and risk...

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2022 Materiality Checklist for Retailers: 4 Topics to Focus on First

ESG has never been more important to retailers than it is today. With the SEC handing out mandates, investors asking more questions about more topics, and consumers and employees wanting to know everything there is to know about a company’s...

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Fed Policy Warrants a Change in the Way Companies Message to Investors

The Fed can pull many strings. The U.S. Federal Reserve monitors and guides the growth rate of the economy. It has a dual mandate: to keep prices steady and to keep unemployment low. To achieve both objectives, the Fed works...

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Tell your story in a way that maximizes investor engagement and drives equity valuation.

Investor relations is the art and science of engaging investors and building confidence through compelling narratives that make your story instantly relatable. Making investor relations a key component of your overall growth and long-term strategy can pave the way to the higher equity valuation your business deserves.

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ESG Communications

More about ESG Communications

Companies that demonstrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) communications savvy have a clear advantage as they engage with the Street. Clermont Partners can help you take a proactive approach to telling your ESG story to portfolio managers who are eager to hear it.

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Clermont Partners is a trusted IR and ESG consulting firm. If your company is looking to improve your investor communications and drive equity valuation in the right direction, reach out to our team today.

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