Holistic Execution Before, During and After the Transaction Announcement

Strategic transaction communications involve much more than a press release, conference call and media coverage. To drive investor confidence in management, it’s vital to clearly explain the deal’s expected value creation, and to win acceptance from other stakeholders including employees and customers.

Clermont Partners’ approach is differentiated compared to costly “event only” firms because we manage execution before, during and after the announcement. We develop the investment narrative most needed by a client’s unique investor set and focus on the likely sentiment towards the deal. We also identify and prepare for risks such as heightened regulatory scrutiny, integration obstacles and negative media coverage. During the announcement, we are with clients every step of the way.

For the critical post-announcement phase, we create a plan that tackles the aftermath communications required quarter by quarter, such setting milestones around longer-term integration. To prepare for shareholder turnover as a result of the deal, we also build a strategic targeting plan to attract new investors to the story.

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