Make the Most of Opportunities to Drive Valuation

Clermont Partners works closely with clients to build best-practice investor relations programs that make the most of every strategic communication opportunity that impacts equity valuation. 

As a key differentiator, we provide a “fast track” advantage by helping companies anticipate how to respond to complex global changes that may affect financial performance and, in turn, stakeholder narratives, such as:

  • Disruptive events causing changes in industry dynamics
  • The ongoing increase in passive investing that impacts shareholder base composition and investor engagement strategies
  • Loss of sell-side research coverage intensified by  to MiFiid2 regulations (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive)
  • The rise in shareholder activism, including “reluctivism”(traditional money managers recruiting larger activists into stocks they hold)  and “interventionism” (money managers seeking Board seats to influence strategy decisions)
  • Changes in accounting standards and other regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing global uncertainty

By combining our deep capital markets expertise, years of experience, and relentless focus on research, we deliver a customized approach to positioning, messaging, and investor engagement that impacts a company’s valuation over the long term.

Simply put, we help company executives tell their story better given all these changes. To create a sharper investment narrative, we strategically map market intelligence with the company’s plan for growth, profitability and capital allocation.  We then identify a well-honed target list of pre-qualified investors who align with the investment thesis, and will provide a supportive shareholder base.

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