Efficient Alternative to In-House Investor Relations

Outsourcing the investor relations function can be a highly efficient alternative for companies that choose not to have a full time, dedicated  in-house investor relations professional.  This is especially true for small- and mid-cap companies, which are receiving less attention than ever from the sell-side.

Clermont Partners offers full-service investor relations programs staffed by highly experienced, senior-level professionals with a deep understanding of capital markets, investors and analysts.

Comprehensive services include:

  • Continual investor feedback through ongoing perception audits
  • Investment narrative, positioning and messaging development
  • Creation of investor materials
  • Website content update and refinement
  • Quarterly earnings communication and support
  • Targeted investor outreach and engagement programs
  • Market intelligence
  • Sell-side coverage outreach
  • Company point of contact for investors and analysts
  • Tactical support
  • Strategic consulting
  • Financial media engagement

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