ESG Elevate Program

In today’s market, companies that demonstrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) savvy will have a clear advantage as they engage with the Street.

Demand for strong ESG ratings can no longer be ignored as more portfolio managers are integrating ESG factors into their investment process.  Whether you know it or not, your company may have an inaccurate or “bad” rating from an ESG rating agency.  This could lead to investors screening out and avoiding your stock until the rating is fixed.

In addition, companies that have compelling ESG stories may be missing out because they are not fully articulating these important aspects of their narrative.

Solution:  Clermont Partners’ ESG Elevate program is designed to:

  • Fix ESG rating accuracy from key rating agencies; and
  • Optimize investor understanding of your company’s ESG efforts.

Benefits:  To enhance stock valuation, we will work to:

  • Create a tailored ESG response strategy;
  • Integrate your company’s unique ESG messaging points into your investor narrative and stakeholder communication materials;
  • Analyze your shareholder base to determine your exposure to investors who use ESG integration; and
  • Target ESG investors most likely to invest in your company’s key ESG attributes.


For additional resources on ESG, please see The New ESG Communications Mandate and Growth of ESG Integration Sparked by Risk Mitigation and Client Demand.

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