Full-Scale Activist Preparation Backed by Strong Record of Success

Clermont Partners has significant experience in successfully working with companies to prepare and help them defend against activists. Our deep capital markets expertise sets us apart, as we provide informed, research-based recommendations on strategy and tactics in these potentially volatile situations.  Each client case across our history has had positive outcomes.

In today’s environment, companies must understand their vulnerabilities and be ready to address activist engagement.

Our full-scale response plan includes:

  • Gain necessary intelligence to understand, anticipate and neutralize opposition arguments
  • Build solid, positive relationships with top investors and sell-side analysts
  • Get real-time feedback on shareholder concerns
  • Develop messaging that resonates with investors and gives them confidence that management is executing on a strategy that will enhance shareholder value
  • Use the right channels (website, media, influencers) to carry the company’s message
  • Anticipate how shareholders will engage with management and activists in deciding who to support.

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