We help clients improve stakeholder narratives, investor engagement and equity value

Our Differentiation

  • All work senior-led by counselors who average 20+ years of capital markets experience
  • Customized, client-specific programs driven by extensive research (not conjecture) and deep investment community know-how
  • Honest, direct counsel to advise clients what they need to hear and provide solutions
  • Extensive M&A and complex crisis experience
  • Strong track record of value-added partnerships with clients
  • Rare “in between” alternative to tactical IR shops and expensive one-event crisis firms
  • Industry-leading market insights and thought leadership

Core Offerings

  • Investor narrative and message optimization
  • Actionable perception studies
  • Creation of investor materials – corporate profile, investor deck, fact book, and website
  • Targeting and meeting set-up with best-fit investors
  • Preparation and management of activism threats or crisis situations
  • Enhanced financial media coverage
  • Full-service and project-based engagements tailored to each client

Make the Most of the Opportunity

Companies increasingly face complex global changes that impact financial performance. Amidst the barrage of inputs, executives must deliver growth – and IROs must flawlessly communicate the narrative to get full value for strategy and performance. Whether it’s an exciting transformational event or a difficult detour along the way, companies have one chance to get the story right. And even the best communicators aren’t 100% ready for all scenarios all the time.

Clermont Partners empowers companies to make the most of every strategic communication opportunity that impacts equity valuation.

We do this by providing a “fast track” advantage to help clients cut through the noise, and better navigate change that impacts various stakeholder narratives. By blending our deep capital markets expertise, decades of experience, and relentless focus on research, we help companies better manage investor engagement over the long term.

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